Dogs have a place?

You may be familiar with this command or even use it daily with your dog. You also may have never heard of such a thing. The place command helps us manage our dogs on daily bases. It gives the dog a place of it own to relax, sleep, learn, and its allow the world to move around them. It sort of like reading time the more you do it the better you are. This command gives your dog a sense of security in your home. It helps take the worry of things that happen around the house that may keep your dog on high alert daily. Like friends or family coming to visit the house, The mailman or fed-ex guy coming to drop off a package, A neighbor from down the street coming to return a household product. A person walking there dog by the house, or animals moving around the house outside as they do. As these things can cause your dog to display unwanted behaviors like territorial/aggressive in your home. When your dog is staying in place in the home you may here this question from people that come to visit (Hey you have a dog right...well were is she) your response should sound something like this. Oh he is in place where I left him. Dogs that don't know the place command have a lot of pressure built up on them daily that may be causing them to act out and display unwanted behaviors in the home. So when a dog knows the place you help the dog reach a state of mind to be a well balanced dog and also allow your dog to reset. You and your dog lives when begin to change completely when your dog starts to understand the place command. So get to work and change the way you live with your dog today. Remember" if your dog wont stay in place send them to my place" Check me out across all social platforms at @followmyleadk9


The place command

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