Fall back on yours dogs back pack

Welcome to fall! The falls in New England are great, the weather is just right and the dogs love it. Well lets talk tools specficly the backpack for dogs. Yup that's right a backpack. Did it ever cross your mind as you prepared the kids for back to school with their backpack and supplies that your dog may also need one. I'm here to tell you like having a leash, collar , or crate for your dog. You should also have a backpack. You may be thinking well thats just for big dogs . Nope for small dogs as well, hyperactive dog, high energy dogs, working dogs and a list of others. As dog owners we should have outlets for our dogs. Well walking is a basic one that most dog owners can complete. With not always having enough time in the day a backpack can truly assist you in getting your dog the right amount of exercise. When you add back pack to your structured walk you are very likely to have some of the best walks with your dog you have ever had. You are giving your dog a job to do on the walk like carrying it's favorite ball, food, toy or just water they can enjoy after the walk. You can add up to 20 percent of your dogs weight in the pack and chanellege them both physically and mentally. When you can give your dog a 30 minute walk with a backpack and it's like you walked your dog for 50 minutes, you start to get ahead of the exercise regiment. Remember the old saying a tired dog is a good dog..Well fall back on your dog back pack and get started today!!