Welcome twelve to my board and train program

Welcome twelve to my dog training program. Can you guess why how he got his name. This young beagle has completely checked out at home. As you can see he doesn't even know that a human is at the end of the leash lol. He is doing all the things that will drive a owner up the wall lol. Jumping, counter surfing, pulling on leash, peeing in the house. This list goes on and the owners have decided that they need help to get these things under control. Housebreaking is a very routine task that the dog needs to understand before having free roam of your house. So if you struggle with housebreaking your dog, One tip I would give is don't allow that dog to have free roam in you home until it is under control. Look for my how to video coming to my YouTube channel soon. Anyway we have a lot of work ahead with this guy so follow his journey on all my social media outlets @followmyleadk9. See you soon!!

Welcome Twelve to my board & train program

Uploaded by Follow My Lead Dog Training on 2016-09-27.