Private Dog Training in Massachusetts

Private Lessons

If you need private dog training in Massachusetts, Follow My Lead Dog Training is your best option. We provide customized training solutions. Whether you’re looking to get your dog to obey commands better, trying to correct separation anxiety, or are searching for ways to resolve other unwanted behaviors, we’ve got your back. Our client’s dog’s transformations speak highly of how effective our training really can be. With years of experience and countless successful dog transformations, Follow My Lead Dog Training stands to be your number one best option.

You, me and the dog. Let’s focus on what issues that are causing you frustration and a daily struggle with your dog. We can also customize a training plan that will relieve you of your concerns and bring out the overall best in you and your dog. We provide obedience in-home training for both puppies and adult K9s.

This is an ideal solution for dogs who may act out aggressively toward strangers or other animals. Group training sessions are simply not an option when your K9 develops anxiety or aggression toward other dogs. With a private dog lesson, this allows your pet to get the one-on-one attention it needs without the distractions of other humans or dogs. We can tailor our instructions perfectly to you and your dog’s learning styles. This is the most practical way for you strengthen your bond with your pet. If your dog easily excites, gets distracted, or becomes overwhelmed, this is your best option.

Here are some typical behaviors we can address with our private dog training:

*Barking                                * Basic commands
*Pulling on Leash                  * Resource guarding
*Counter Surfing
*Nipping and mouth
*Leash Reactivity

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For more information regarding our service for private dog training in Massachusetts, contact us today at (508) 521-9710.  We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Level I $550 for 4 lessons 

will also address behaviors listed above

Level II  Private sessions

8 Private Lessons

on-leash and some off-leash obedience training

2 months of group lessons


behavior modification

some aggression

evaluation not required

Cost : $1295 

Level III Advance on and off leash 

12 training sessions/ 2 "out & about" sessions

advanced on-leash and off-leash obedience

3 months of group lessons


behavior modification

serious aggression

evaluation not required

Cost: $1595

*The above private lesson prices do NOT include the cost of an e-collar.

 If you need to purchase an e-collar, we are happy to provide an Educator E-collar on the first day of private lessons. The e-collar cost ranges from $199 to $329, depending on the model your dog needs

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