In-Home Dog Training in Massachusetts


Are you looking for private in-home dog training in Massachusetts? At Follow My Lead Dog Training, we provide premium personal dog training lessons, all in the convenience and comfort of your home. 

Each of the five sessions include a one-hour training session. The first session will be a meet and greet assessment to get a better sense of your dog’s needs. After each session owners will be asked to do some homework which I will provide. Will work with a prong collar, a four-to-six-foot leash, and a long line to help your dog understand what is being communicated. Within the four sessions, I will help to teach your dog to come, sit, down, place, heel and wait at doorways. The last session will be in your home to iron out any last wrinkles you may be having with your dog.

Private Session packages includes:

60 min session with trainer (Ray) and dog

Learning Commands: come, down, heel, place, sit and waiting at doorways
Private session take home guides
Email/Text Coaching

Our in-home dog training sessions are perfect for:

Resolving behavioral issues your dog may be experiencing, such as aggression toward other dogs and people.

Remedying habits such as jumping on people, excessive barking, and whining. 
Reducing separation anxiety and other stressors the natural way without the need for medications and other sedative drugs.
Creating an obedient dog that will sit, stay, and listen to a list of commands when directed.

Establishing boundaries for specific “restricted areas” of the house you do not want your dog going to.

Why We Train at Home

Your home is your dog’s comfort space. Not only do they live there, but they cause the most trouble there as well. There are less distractions and possible anxiety triggers with in-home training. They have to listen and obey inside the home first. Once they’ve accomplished this, they will ready to practice outside.

For more information about our professional in-home dog training in Massachusetts, call us today at (508) 521-9710.