• Samantha B.

    February 18, 2020
  • Joshua Mitchell

    February 18, 2020

    We adopted a puppy lab/boxer mix named Danny (currently 5 months old). As he began to settle in with us, we noticed he would bark, and cry whenever we left him alone in his crate. And when I say bark and cry, I'm under selling it. He would bite at the crate and salivate every where. His barks were so loud and could be heard from two blocks away.
    We couldn't leave the house without him because of how worked up he would get. We felt like this was something that he would never get over. A friend of mine had mentioned he had worked with Ray a while back, so my wife and I decided to reach out to see if he could help. After discussing Danny's unwanted behaviors with Ray, he assured us that he had seen this many times before. We decided to sign Danny up for the 7 Day Board and Train program. Between the time we first spoke until after he was finished with the program, Ray was and is always readily available for help/questions. Danny has completely changed since finishing this program.
    The Crate:His behavior is completely different. If we tell him "Danny, crate!", he will go straight to his crate and lay down. We can now leave him in his crate and he doesn't bark and bite his way into insanity.
    Leash training:Before the program, Danny began pulling a lot on the leash. Now, when walking him, Danny heels to my left side and goes where I direct him.
    Place:We have a dog cot setup in our living room where he will immediately go to if we tell him. Not only that but he will automatically lay down.
    Door training:When told, Danny will sit at the door and wait to be told before going through an open door way.
    Stay:This was one thing in particular I thought was great. Ray teaches an implied stay. So when telling Danny sit or down (which he now does great!), he will not move until we give him the signal.
    Overall, Ray is very professional and knows so much about what he does. Working with him has been so great. My wife and I are already talking about sending Danny back with Ray for the next level of training. Ray, thank you so much for putting our minds at ease and helping us tap into our pups full potential in being a great dog! We will be seeing you soon!
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